Our Story

River + Wilds was born out of a Lowcountry girl's love of camo and lack of options in the world of women's outdoor apparel. "I'm an artist and all around creative so when I  couldn't find any ready made fabrics to play around with, I decided to paint my own. I sat down with the intention of  recreating a traditional old school camo pattern and my mind just lit up with this vision of the shapes being created from all things lowcountry...flounder, redfish, oysters, palm fronds and fiddler crabs! Thus, the Lowco Camo pattern was born. I got SO excited about it... and still am! After that, the  creative waves just kept coming. I thought of all my other favorite parts of living here and let my mind run wild with a few other designs. The Oystuary print is a combo of oyster shells and estuaries. Spottail and Flounder Skinz are based off my two favorite fish to catch and eat. And last but not least, the Drippy Red Aloha design was created out of my  obsession with skulls and love for my home away from home, O'ahu, Hawaii."
​Artist, Founder & Designer